Ibrahim Bangura* – Sierra Leone

Area Director

Ibrahim is hospitable and generous, with an incredible story of faith. He comes from a Muslim family and describes how one day he was praying in his house when approached by a pastor. The pastor asked if Ibrahim would become a Christian, but he staunchly refused. This pastor returned, and told Ibrahim that Jesus was the way, the truth and the light. Ibrahim again refused, but later on asked God to direct him towards the truth. That night, Ibrahim dreamt these words from Jesus: “my child, come, be a Christian.” Ibrahim stopped going to the mosque, despite the shame he felt from his family for becoming a Christian. He continued going to church and the Lord gave him a heart for evangelism. Ibrahim got involved in Young Life by volunteering to serve on the work crew at a church. After serving, he began doing contact work with kids at his church and his community, and inviting them to come along to Young Life. Now he serves as area director in eastern Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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