Jacques Gomis – Senegal

Area Director

Jacques Gomis was contacted by Giscard Sagna to be a YL leader in 2010. At the time he was the children’s leader at his church and he didn’t know anything about Young Life ministry…in fact, he wasn’t really a true Christian at the time.

He was raised in a non-Christian home where his parents believed in practicing sorcery. When he didn’t feel good he was always sent to the local witch doctor. After witnessing the ministry of Young Life and seeing the love of Christ at its core and foundation, he began to understand more what it meant for him to walk with Jesus. He became a true Christian and was prepared as he set off on his journey with Young Life ministry. Later, he attended the RIKA training in Tanzania and he received his first personal Bible with the pocket money that he was given to use for the trip. As he leaned in to the training and heard testimonies from so many who were choosing the same path as him, he was touched and encouraged to continue in faith as he walked with the Lord and started doing ministry with Young Life.

Today, his life has been changed as a result of his involvement with Young Life and he is now a staff member in Senegal. He is blessed to be able to share the love of Christ with teens, to disciple them and to watch them grow and begin to disciple others as well. It is truly amazing to see new clubs develop as ministry progresses in Senegal.

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