Jean Jacques Bukasa* – DRC

Area Director

Even though Jean was born into a Catholic family, he never had a home church. His family attended several, but never settled on one. As a result, he didn’t understand the value of a Church community. His grandmother invited him to the ordination for an Anglican priest, where he was inspired to become an Anglican priest himself. As he learned more about his chosen denomination, he understood the love of Jesus and asked Him into his life. This led to baptism and a full and active Church life for Jean. Jean was called on to lead the choir and youth ministry at his Church. He was then chosen to attend a theological institute and now serves as a priest. In the same theological institute, there were two local Young Life leaders. Their passion for sharing the gospel interested Jean and he asked them to help connect him to get involved in the ministry. Today Jean serves as an area director of Lubumbashi.

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