Jean Jacques Bukasa* – DRC

Area Director

Jean is a little bit shy, bringing with him a calm presence but a determined attitude. He was born into a Catholic Christian family, but his family never had a home church. Instead, they would rotate between three different churches on any given Sunday morning. As a result of this, he struggled to understand what he valued in a church. Then one day, his grandmother invited him to an Anglican priest’s ordination. He was inspired and felt convicted that he too would one day be ordained as a priest in the Anglican Church.

After going through the Anglican catechisms, Jean accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of his life. Since then, he was baptized and became an active participant in the Anglican Church. In the beginning, he was given the responsibility to lead the choir and youth ministry of his church. After sitting in that role for a while, he was chosen by his church to attend the Theological Institute and now serves as a priest there. Jean stayed involved with the youth at his church, and through this met two Young Life leaders. These leaders shared the mission of Young Life with Jean and he immediately grew interested. That first conversation happened in 2009, and for the past 10 years Jean has remained a committed and faithful participant in Young Life. He now serves as an area director of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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