Jerome Byamungu – DRC

Associate Regional Director

Jerome is humble and a good listener. He was born into a polygamous family whose father was elderly and asked the older children to take care of Jerome and his younger sister Julienne. But their older brothers did just the opposite – they abandoned Jerome and Julienne and left them to fend for themselves. Jerome struggled to support himself and his younger sister, and barely made it through high school. He didn’t have enough money to attend college, so he started working as an auto mechanic. In 2009, he attended Young Life camp and became a Christian. He was then selected for a Developing Global Leaders scholarship, a Young Life program for selected students to gain a university education while they learn from a mentor and serve as a volunteer leader in a local Young Life Club. This was an unforgettable moment for Jerome because it opened up unimaginable possibilities for his future. He now leaders ministry as an area director in Kinshasa in the DRC.

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