Josué Diarra* – Mali

Logistics Coordinator

Josué is courageous, patient and sincere. He was born into a Christian family and exposed to faith from an early age. However, he reminds us that “we are not born a Christian but become one,” so he decided to follow Jesus and accept Him as Lord and Savior. He was moved for Christ’s “love for me at the cross.” When Josué was 17, he joined the church choir, and still loves to worship and praise the Lord through singing. As he grew and matured in his faith, Josué was put in charge of youth ministry and evangelism. These passions made him a perfect fit for Young Life ministry, and he began leading in 2011. From that moment, Josué says he has “embarked on this mission to proclaim the gospel to the young, so that they may have eternal salvation.” Although his official Young Life title is logistics coordinator, Josué still finds time to serve as a high school teacher, a youth leader, a Bible distributor and leads clubs in his local neighborhood. Josué hopes to start Young Life in a nearby university, and asks that you pray for this ministry, and for new leaders and clubs to begin in his area.

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