Julio Munguwani – DRC

Logistics Coordinator

Julio Banyiji Munguwani is from the Democratic Republic of Congo city of Bukavu. He has four brothers and two sisters; his father is a pastor. Growing up in a Christian family, he realized he needed to make his faith his own and was looking for Jesus because he felt a void inside that he could not fill by himself.

Julio shares: “One day I met one friend who told me how Jesus had transformed his life through Young Life.  He brought me to Young Life Club and after one week, we went to the first camp of Young Life in Congo. There I discovered how much Jesus loves me. After two years, I joined Young Life as a volunteer leader and have enjoyed meeting with kids in discipleship groups, training other leaders and expanding Bukavu ministry. My favorite Scripture is Psalm 23 because sometimes I feel that I am alone but when I read that psalm, it strengthens me.”

Julio recently transitioned from area director to logistics coordinator for DRC.


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