Linda Mpando* – Malawi

Area Director

Linda Phoeb Mpando met the Lord when she was 14. It was a very difficult season in her life living with a single father who was not a stable parent or a positive adult influence. After attempting to run away, Linda began living between her father’s home and her grandparents so that she could be in a safe environment and still attend school. School nights were spent at her grandmother’s home and provided an opportunity to learn more about Jesus from this Godly woman. Her growing trust in Jesus culminated at an altar call at a weekly prayer meeting with her grandmother and Linda began to regard Jesus as her comfort and her hiding place. About a week after receiving Christ, her father died in an auto accident thrusting her into a journey of grappling with her past, forgiving, healing, and further discovering God, her trustworthy Father. 

Linda’s first encounter with Young Life was a few years later when she was approached by one of the Young Life senior leaders to help him speak to the administration of her school about Young Life and then to serve as the teacher patron for the Young Life club, as required by the school. In the months ahead, Linda began to be a regular attender at club and then she attended Young Life camp, along with hundreds of teenagers. At camp, her Young Life leader saw leadership abilities in Linda and began teaching her how to love teenagers and help them cultivate a relationship with Jesus. 

Linda currently serves as an area director in Lilongwe where she is a mentor and friend to teenage girls. Linda loves to use her creativity, patience and sense of adventure to cultivate a relationship with the girls and help them to find Jesus. 

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