Mphatso Mjathu* – Malawi

Area Director

Mphatso has been involved in Young Life in Malawi for many years.  He is resourceful, empathetic and meticulous. “I got involved with Young Life in 2010 when I was at Chancellor College. I was attending an urban music show on campus when a Young Life leader walked up to me and asked if I was involved in Young Life to which I said I wasn’t and didn’t even know what Young Life was. He looked at me somewhat surprised and said but you are wearing a shirt that says Young Life on it. He then referred me to a Young Life leader who was on campus at the time and a few months later I joined the team.”

Mphatso received a Developing Global Leaders scholarship and then joined staff as an area director in Zomba and Balaka. He’s described by his colleagues as always available and never failing to be there for kids and leaders. His strengths are planning and organizing clubs, contact work and being intentional.

Mphatso shared, “Growing up in a Christian family, I always thought that since my parents were Christians all their kids would be Christians on their account. On one Easter afternoon, we watched a stage performance on judgement day which portrayed how everyone would be judged according to their own life. This made me tear up because I realized that I had no relationship with Christ and would end up in hell, my mom saw what was happening and that same day she led me in prayer, and I gave my life to Christ. A few other times after that I would back slide but would always get back to God and repent.”

Mphatso continues to honor the Lord as he directs his paths and asks that you pray for his ministry, and for kids in his area.

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