Nomcebo Dube* – Zimbabwe

Area Director

Dube met Jesus in 2008 at a revival gathering at her church in Zimbabwe. At the time her mother was terribly ill and she had lost all hope about this life. As the eldest in his family, she felt like she had to be strong for her siblings. However, after attending the revival service at church she was filled with so much hope and faith that Jesus was going to change the situation. Her life with Christ has never been the same since that day. “Relying on Jesus day to day has been amazing. He has been faithful in protecting and providing for me and my family even during desperate situations.”

Dube got involved with Young Life in 2009 at Sibona High School where she was a student. She was already a Christian when she was introduced to Young Life but it helped her to strengthen her relationship with God.

Dube is an area director in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe.

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