Rahab Wambui – Kenya

Area Director

Rahab leads Young Life in the largest slum in Africa, Kibera, located in Nairobi, Kenya. She works and lives there alongside her husband, Alexius Mungai. Rahab would describe herself as courageous, generous, and a great listener. Rahab has been a church goer since she was very young but met Christ August 20th, 2004 as a senior in high school. She decided to give her life to Him so that she could live rightfully. In 2009, a friend of her cousin’s came to Rahab’s house and started narrating camp stories to her cousin and told Rahab that she too could be a great Young Life leader. She gave Rahab James Mungai’s phone number, who invited Rahab to club and leadership training classes. After experiencing this, Rahab became a leader. Rahab’s area of the Kibera slum contains an estimated one million people, the majority of which are young people. The slum attracts many local and international non-profit organizations which give material handouts to volunteers. This situation makes it difficult for Young Life to retain volunteer leaders since YL operates using a servant model. Currently, there are seven Young Life leaders. The culture of handouts affects our ministry so much, as kids expect handouts when they come to club and parents want to be paid for their kids to go to camp. Rahab is an area director for Nairobi West. She oversees 10 neighborhoods and is responsible for starting two of them. She has 10 Neighborhood Clubs, three high school clubs, and three Wyldlife clubs. She has 41 leaders out of which ten are Neighborhood Team Leaders. The most encouraging thing to Rahab is the transformation happening within the teenagers around her. When leaders show their love to teenagers, they embrace Christ in their hearts and fall in love with Christ and Young Life. Rahab lives by the words from 2 Thessalonians where it says “We not only share the gospel but also our lives with them.”

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