Rose Lidwaji* – Kenya

Area Director

Rose leads Young Life and is an area director in Nakuru, Kenya. She is a single mother with one son.

Senior staff member Martin Wamalwa describes Rose as humble, thoughtful, quick to implement, takes ownership and an impressively fast walker, as he was able to conclude after the “Freedom Walk”.

Rose heard about Young Life while she was visiting Uganda. Her father owns a restaurant there, which was hosting a Young Life camp when Rose arrived. She immediately met Simon Okiria, Young Life Uganda regional director, who was thrilled to introduce Rose to his camp speaker, Martin Wamalwa. She set up a meeting with Martin later in Nairobi and started to volunteer lead in her hometown, Nakuru, where she worked full-time in marketing for a corporation.

Ever since, she has been building Young Life in her community with other volunteer leaders. They are involved in many neighborhoods and high schools and she has also had successful endeavors in fundraising for camp expenses. She has been a volunteer leader for five years and an area director for one.

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