Talent Sibanda – Zimbabwe

Area Director

Talent has been on Young Life staff in Zimbabwe as an area director for three years. She was introduced to Young Life by her Young Life leader, Anderson, in 2011. She began going to club regularly. She loved club and eventually went to camp. She remained involved and was trained as a Young Life leader in 2012. Talent recalls, “I felt the calling of God and I responded to it and started reaching out to lost kids in my community. Most people have received Jesus Christ and they are following him, looking at my life they see grace and they want the grace that I have.” Talent has seen God’s love and care for people for herself and the people around her. “I love and live for God so most friends that I have follow my steps of seeking the face of the Lord daily despite the difficulties we face along the way.” We are thankful that Talent daily seeks the face of the Lord and daily tells those around her about His love.


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