Thando Zulu* – Zimbabwe

Area Director

Thando got involved with Young Life because some of his neighborhood friends attended club. His Young Life leader, Mengezi, had a big impact on his experience. Thando was intrigued by Mengezi’s friendliness and care towards him and he kept coming to club in order to get to know Mengezi better. Eventually Mengezi invited Thando to Young Life camp in 2010. Thando didn’t know exactly what Young Life camp was and originally wanted to go in order to socialize and have fun. The Lord had bigger plans than that. The messages that he heard each night made Thando think deeply about his life and the way he was living. There was an opportunity to say yes to Jesus on the last night, and Thando didn’t think twice. He jumped to his feet and said, “Yes!” Since then, Thando’s journey with Christ has led him to leadership. He is now an area director in Bulawayo in northeastern Zimbabwe where he continues to be a consistent and innovative leader.

*Sponsorship opportunity available


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