Leadership Tree

The Leadership Tree is essential to the ministry of Young Life Africa. An African proverb teaches the “slow way is the fast way” and that proverb has guided our vision for reaching every kid in every country in Africa.

Our senior Young Life leaders observe that it takes three years for the mango tree to bear fruit, but once it starts, the mango produces fruit in season…for over a hundred years! Contrast that with the tomato bush, which produces fruit in less than three months, but then dies out, never to produce again.

Each leader has a “leadership tree” on which they list  three kids to be discipled. Slowly and steadily, a huge group of leaders is rooted in the Word, following Christ and making disciples of their own. You don’t have to replant these trees – they last for eternity.

Want to develop your own Leadership Tree?  Download a copy of the Leadership Tree and Mile Markers.  Or listen to the Episode #19 of the Young Life Podcast on the Leadership Tree.

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