Young Life Logo Standards Guide


This guide is intended to be a helpful tool as you apply a Young Life logo. We celebrate the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of all Young Life communicators and hope this guide will not limit that spirit, but instead, channel it in ways that protect the name and integrity of Young Life and better communicate The Promise of Young Life.

Attention Vendors: Vendors are required to get written permission from Young Life prior to using our trade names, trademarks, etc. Please contact Young Life Communications at (719) 381-1893 for permission and logo files. Also see Permission to Use Young Life Brand Identity Elements.

Per Young Life’s Privacy Policy (Copyright and Trademark section): Young Life’s trade names, trademarks, brands and service marks, including those marks indicated on the Young Life network, are the sole and exclusive property of Young Life, including, without limitation, designs, logos, page headers, button icons and scripts (“Marks”). Young Life’s Marks and branding may not be used in connection in any way or in any manner, without express written permission, that is likely to cause confusion among the public, or in any manner that disparages or discredits Young Life. All other trademarks not owned by Young Life that appear on the Young Life network are the property of their respective owners. View the complete Young Life Privacy Policy.


Note: logo files are accessible by username and password to staff and volunteers only; vendors or non-Young Life staff/volunteers need to contact Young Life Communications for logo files and written permission to use our trade names and trademarks.

Complete Logo Standards Guide
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Young Life Logo Standards Guide.pdf

Sections 17 and 18 in the Logo Standards Guide on Apparel and Merchandise Guidelines
Updated June 2011

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Apparel and Merchandise Guidelines .pdf

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