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Zimbabwe in the Wilderness

I actually know that we are in a holy place because of what I have seen happen with our ministry.

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Finishing the Freedom Walk

Freedom. Reconciliation. Chains Broken. Healing in Jesus. Peace.

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Climb for Change: Climb Days 6 and 7

A Kili Rap

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Climb for Change: Climb Days 4 and 5

Above all, I believe that all of us are just thankful.

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Climb for Change: Climb Days 2 and 3

Through the Lords hand Ahim accepted Christ today. This thing is more than a climb.

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Climb for Change: Climb Day 1

His presence will be our continued strength as we continue to explore His wondrous creation together.

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Camp Sponsorship: Join the Movement. Change Lives. Impact Eternity!

“Every time we take a step of faith, God comes through. Sometimes the step is going..."

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West Africa Prayer Walk

As we walked past groups of teenagers sitting idly in the sand she said, "These kids need Young Life."

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Come to the Table

Whenever we come together in communion, when we sit and relax and take time to be with one another around

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