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Jesus is a Hope-Giver

YoungLives is a mission I am passionate about but it is not without its many challenges.  We serve young women who

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Tribes, Tongues and Nations

Like many of the trips I take, this one included gathering stories about God’s provision in kids’ lives, singing, dancing

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Embodied Hope

As we made our way down the bumpy, orange road in Nairobi, I couldn’t help but begin to imagine what

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Re-entry.  Returns are never quite what they seem. I feel more like a foreigner at home than I do 9,000+

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Freedom From Racism in South Africa

Emmerentia (Rentia) and Pierre de Jager grew up in the northern part of South Africa, raised in homes which operated

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An Unlikely Place for God to Dwell

There are some images in life that burn in your memory, staying with you through the years and decades to

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The Hidden Subject

This July, I had the unique opportunity to go straight from studying abroad in Italy, to traveling in Europe with

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Pursuing the Rejected

Each day in Uganda was greeted with unexpected visitors who I had the privilege of interviewing. I was continually surprised

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Fulfilling Dreams

If you didn't know, it's not really that common in African-American communities to visit Africa. I've always wanted to change

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