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Fulfilling Dreams

If you didn't know, it's not really that common in African-American communities to visit Africa. I've always wanted to change

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“Who would have guessed…a Financial Missionary?”

Construction work, vacation bible school, giving medical help or assisting in English as a second language was my idea of

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YL International Schools/Reaching teenagers from all over the world

... it is the sweet spot of who we are in Young Life’s International Schools Ministry to be laser focused

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The Land of a Thousand Hills (and a few valleys)

Mornings here in Rwanda are slow and sweet. Nothing is hurried; the whole city is almost hushed...

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When the Call to Go, Means Staying

"The plot twist came right when I was about to decide whether to pursue entrepreneurship or climb the corporate ladder"

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An Unexpected Visit

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect going to Kenya. I have never done anything like it...

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Giving Thanks in Every Circumstance

Even in the midst of chaos, we can stop and off our thanks to God no matter the circumstance.

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We Are Rwandan

Each of these names have a story, each one marked by the history of Rwanda that is different from ours...

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People Who Go

These days in the village will mark each of our hearts forever.

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