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People Who Go

Young Life is one of God’s miracles in healing Rwanda.

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My Intern Experience

Christ alone is the antidote that is setting kids free all over the continent of Africa.

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Beauty in Vulnerability

Prayers were answered. Friendships within my Expeditions team were strengthened.

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So Many Emotions

I realized again that the Lord works in me in big ways when I am out of my comfort zone.

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Let It Change You

"His powerful yet gentle love is on the way to wreck every person and every story with leaders and staff..."

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My Journey with Young Life Africa/Middle East

His heart for Africa and the Middle East is something special. It’s completely changed me. Let it change you.

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Zimbabwe in the Wilderness

I actually know that we are in a holy place because of what I have seen happen with our ministry.

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Finishing the Freedom Walk

Freedom. Reconciliation. Chains Broken. Healing in Jesus. Peace.

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Climb for Change: Climb Days 6 and 7

A Kili Rap

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