Transforming Africa through Jesus-centered leaders

African teens are looking for hope and belonging. We love them and introduce them to Jesus.


Young people in Africa face challenges — getting an education, finding a job, helping their families. They live with political instability and corruption, limited resources, drought, disease and famine, drugs and alcohol. They ask the same questions teenagers around the world ask: Who am I? Do I matter? Our leaders tell them they’re loved and have a purpose.

Young Life was made for Africa


Since launching in Africa around two decades ago, Young Life has grown rapidly, reaching over 1,372,000 kids in a growing number of African countries. But we have done this by reaching one kid at a time.

“No matter what I try to do to fill the empty space in my life, I can’t fill it. Now after hearing the Word, I realize that nothing or no one can fill that space except God, who created me.”

Lubanzi / South Africa

Transformed communities
start with one leader rooted in Jesus

Why teenagers?

Young Life Africa introduces teenagers to Jesus Christ and helps them grow in their faith. We work on a continent of young people; 75% of the population of sub-Sahara Africa is under the age of 25.  When leaders share Jesus with kids, hearts change, lives change and communities change.

Growing impact

In 2022, leaders knew 1,032,048 kids by name.
And we’re doubling in size and impact every three years.

  • Kids at outreach clubs every week
  • Kids in discipleship groups every week
  • Countries in Africa and the Middle East
  • National staff
  • Developing Global Leaders
  • Volunteer Leaders

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