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Malawi is known as "The Warm Heart of Africa" and it is a well deserved label. Although Malawi is one of the 2-3 poorest countries in Africa, the people are very friendly and industrious. It is a country of 12 million people and most rely on subsistence farming and crafts for survival.
Leader at Club - Wanangwa Leader - Reecherd Guys Campaigners' Group Students at Elma School YL Malawi Club Girls dressed for Club
Beginning around November of 2004, Young Life has continued to "move into the neighborhood" in Blantyre, towards the southern end of the country.  Blantyre is the largest city today in Malawi, with approximately 500,000 people. English is the official language there, and there is a fairly high literacy rate in the city. There's a significant number of government secondary schools across the local area.  We're currently running Two YL Clubs, drawing kids from 3 different schools.  The majority of the students we've been involved with here, attend either Elma, a private national high school, or St. Andrews, an international secondary school.


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