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Reaching the young people of Mozambique

Young Life in Mozambique began in 2010, and the Lord continues to grow His ministry up and down the stretch of this 1500-mile-long country on Africa’s eastern shore. In 2023, Young Life leaders knew almost 33,000 kids by name!

In 2023, 32,701 teens were known by name in Mozambique.


  • Population: 34,055,739
  • Main languages: Portuguese, Swahili, Mwani, Chega, Tsonga
  • Kids Known by Name: 32,701

Mozambique summary

Mozambique spent five centuries as a Portuguese colony, finally gaining its independence in 1975. However, large-scale emigration, economic dependence on South Africa, a severe drought and a prolonged civil war hindered the country’s economic development until the mid-1990s. Despite economic improvement, over half of Mozambique’s 31 million people live in poverty. Christians make up about 56% of the population, while 18% are Muslim and almost 14% of Mozambicans do not identify with any religion at all. 52% of the population is under the age of 18. Portuguese is the official language, yet a variety of indigenous languages are spoken. Mozambique is also home to rare marine life and is a snorkeling and diving destination.

Young Life in Mozambique began in 2010, and the Lord has built up 65 ministries with over 800 kids in a weekly Campaigner group and 1,500 attending outreach Clubs. “Before my life was very dark, but now I have light.” These are the incredible words of Musa, an orphan who attended Young Life camp with his leader Victor. Musa’s father died when he was 11 and he was placed in an orphanage where he was starved and physically and mentally abused, causing him to turn to drugs and crime to survive. After meeting Victor, who faithfully pursued him and cared for Him in the love of Christ, he attended camp. Here, he tearfully told his story to Victor, and later that night said yes to Jesus as his Lord and Savior. The Lord is doing incredible things in the lives of kids all over Mozambique, just like He did with Musa.

Our impact

2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Growth (2023)
Kids Known by Name 1,747
17,976 32,701 82%
Avg. Kids at Clubs 1,423 1,801
905 1,582 75%
Avg. Kids in Campaigners 663 801
725 865 19%
Number of Ministries 35 50
56 65 16%
National Staff 10 9
9 11 22%
DGL 6 8 9 10
Kids & Leaders to Camp 998 628 0 471 2,373 404%

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Current ministry.

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