Mourning and Resurrection


Dyan Larmey has also posted heartfelt words at the Karama website.

Mourning and Resurrection

One year ago, on Friday December 6th 2013, a group of Young Life Africa staff and volunteers were involved in a tragic automobile accident that claimed the lives of three precious friends: Wanangwa Sanga, Sarah Adams and Lusayo Mhango. 

The night before the accident, Wanangwa was awakened by a startling dream – a dream that kept him from falling back to sleep. So at the break of dawn on the day that would be his last, Wanangwa called his wife Mphatso and told her this dream: I saw myself in a dry and desolate land. A desert. No life or growth. Then I looked up and saw heaven open and down from heaven came a rope. And I heard a voice from heaven say, "I will make all of this green and bear abundant fruit. And I will heal the land if you will grab this rope…" So I grabbed the rope and Lusayo grabbed it after me and someone else grabbed it and we were pulled upward…We now know the likely identity of that third person to be Sarah Adams. 

The dream has proved to be prophetic in many ways.  Initially, we felt hope and assurance that our three friends were in fact pulled up to heaven.  But a deeper meaning to this dream has unfolded over this year as Young Life Malawi has in fact been blessed beyond what we could have hoped or imagined.  Blessed by the work of Mphatso and Chimwemwe (Lusayo’s wife) who are now employed by Young Life as Area Director and Area Administrator, blessed by the spirit of these two newlywed brides as they have poured out their lives to continue the work of their husbands and shown courage beyond measure, blessed by the sweet spirit and hard work of Evans Chintezda who survived the accident and has gone on to help lead Young Life Malawi, blessed by the continuing work of many young lives mentored by Sarah, Wanangwa and Lusayo, blessed by the inspired legacy of these three servants of God.  Blessed by the resurrection of hope. 

Steve Larmey, Vice President for Young Life Africa, shared a few brief reflections on these three a year ago: Wanangwa had great passion for Jesus and infectious enthusiasm; he was a humble learner and a great brother in the time of need and plenty. Sarah was courageous and loved Jesus so much she laid down family and friends and life for Him and for kids in Africa. Lusayo had a heart that was as big as Malawi: he really loved people deeply and well and made them want to follow Jesus with him.  Each has had a profound impact on many kids and on those who have shared in their ministry. We are deeply full of sorrow yet steadfast in our hope. 

Please continue to pray for Young Life Malawi, for abundance and fruit.  Continue to pray for families and dear friends who grieve the loss of these heroes.  Continue to pray that kids in Malawi will come to know Jesus Christ and become devoted disciples of Him. 

Some great pictures of these three have been sent to us over this year.  You can view them here.

If you are interested in being part of the work of Wanangwa, Mphatso, Lusayo, Chimwemwe and Sarah through your gifts, you can give here. 


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