Young Life Liberia

Reaching the young people of Liberia

We are grateful to the Almighty God for the wonderful things He has done and the greater things He will do. The Lord keeps adding to our numbers daily. There is a huge growth ranging from leaders to kids. We have almost 25 staff and DGL students.  We are now in new areas across Liberia.

109,201 teens
reached in Liberia and counting…


  • Population: 4,613,823
  • Main languages: English
  • Kids reached by YLA: 109,201

Liberia summary

Liberia began as a settlement for freed African-American slaves and was established in 1847 (“liber” means “free” in Latin). With a population of almost 5 million, there are dozens of ethnic groups and over 20 languages spoken. Over 85% of the population is Christian, and the remaining individuals are either Muslim (12.5%) or identify with a traditional ethnic religion. Liberia is a low-income country that relies heavily on foreign assistance. In the 1990s and early 2000s, civil war and government mismanagement destroyed much of Liberia’s economy. In 2013, the Ebola virus attacked West Africa, and over 4,000 people in Liberia alone died. Deaths occurred as soon as two weeks after symptoms emerged, and the virus was transferred quickly within communities.

Despite the dire effects of the Ebola virus, Young Life ministry has grown deeper and stronger in Liberia. So far in 2017, 109,201 kids have been reached through 726 volunteer leaders in 85 ministries. Over 10,500 kids attend club each week and hear the miraculous news of Jesus. Even though outreach and sports camps had to be postponed during the crisis, YL staff and leaders held Ebola Survivor camps in Liberia and Sierra Leone to reach lost kids in their countries for Jesus. These camps provide opportunities for those who have lost their friends and families to the Ebola virus to experience a loving community once again. Stigma, trauma, and rejection were all wiped away by the love of Jesus exemplified in their fearless Young Life leaders.

Our impact

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Growth (2017)
Kids Reached 18,800 37,890 26,640 67,136 109,201 63%
Avg. Kids at Clubs 2642 3,942 5,108 8,033 10,681 33%
Avg. Kids in Campaigners 333 597 347 1,089 1,920 76%
Number of Ministries 41 49 56 62 85 37%
National Staff 9 13 13 19 24 26%
DGL 15 15 17 22 23 5%
Kids & Leaders to Camp 1,886 2,889 3,675 5,586 8,944 60%

Our ministries

Pray for us to begin ministry in River Gee, Rivercess and Grand Kru counties in 2018. Our goal is to increase the average number of kids at club by 30%. Our region was able to raise $9,357 locally. The city government of Monrovia was the highest single donor. They donated $1,000 to take kids to camp and provided vacation jobs to 10 volunteer leaders. We have over 80 ministries across Liberia.

Current ministry

We have three YoungLives ministries.

We currently have one deaf ministry.

We have almost 2,000 kids coming each week. We also received 80 Bibles from the Samaritan Purse. We distributed the Bibles to Campaigner kids including teen moms.

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