Young Life Kenya

Young Life Kenya

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Reaching the young people of Kenya

Since beginning in 2005, Young Life in Kenya has spread the gospel of Jesus through 375 ministries, including high school/middle school students, teen moms, teenagers with disabilities and college students!

In 2023, leaders knew 111,260 teens by name in Kenya.


  • Population: 55,100,586
  • Main languages: English, Swahili
  • Number of ministries: 426

Kenya summary

Kenya is named after Mount Kenya, the second tallest mountain in Africa. The land that is now considered Kenya was first settled around 2000 BC. In 1890, the British colonized the land until 1963, when Kenya officially became an independent republic. Kenya’s population of approximately 53.5 million is made up of mostly Christians: 47% Protestant, 23% Roman Catholic and 12% other. However, about 10% of the population identified as Islamic and another 5-10% participates in their indigenous religion. 45% of the population is under the age of 18. English is the official language of Kenya, yet almost every Kenyan speaks Swahili. The Kenyan people are a diverse mix of urban and rural, traditional and modern. In Nairobi, one will experience a bustling business district, yet if one travels to a more rural area one will commonly experience warriors armed with spears, driving their cattle to protect them from lions at night.

Kenya is in its 18th year in ministry and is one of the largest in Young Life Africa. They pioneered Hands on Training (HOT) which has been replicated in other countries as a way to help leaders see and do Young Life ministry in all its forms – contact work, club, discipleship group and camp. In 2023, there were in total about 24,000 kids at outreach club and 13,000 involved in discipleship groups! Praise God for the work He is doing in Kenya!

Our impact

2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Growth (2023)
Kids Known By Name 114,539 25,087 75,168 111,260 48%
Avg. Kids at Clubs 16,362 23,815 9,224 16,126 24,023 49%
Avg. Kids in Campaigners 9,431 10,975 4,848 9,045 13,094 45%
Number of Ministries 182 252 349 375 426 13%
National Staff 27 32 35 41 54 32%
DGL 32 25 24 18
Kids & Leaders to Camp 17,602 8,088 7,787 16,785 15,884 -5%

Our ministries

Because not all teenagers attend school, Young Life in Kenya is community-focused, and leaders reach out to teens within their own neighborhoods. The Lord is doing incredible things through Young Life Kenya. Every single week a total of about 24,000 kids attend outreach clubs in their communities, and nearly 13,000 of them are involved in small group Bible studies.

We have WyldLife clubs run by volunteer leaders and senior Campaigners. Most of the WyldLife clubs are in primary schools and others are in neighborhoods.

Currently we have active college and university ministries.

We have ministries in Nairobi that are reaching out to teenagers with disabilities. In some other places, teenagers with disabilities attend other regular clubs and participate alongside other kids. We are looking forward to having special initiatives for the Capernaum ministry in every metropolitan in the coming years.

We have active neighborhoods that are engaging themselves with teen moms’ ministry. Leaders who are helping with this important ministry are receiving hands-on training.

We have leaders who visit the prisons, especially the juvenile section. This is mostly during the month of May when we engage our generosity month. Leaders and Campaigner groups get to visit these facilities and offer services there. We are praying and looking forward to organized ministries in these facilities!

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